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History of Antique Market Decor

Hi everyone, my name is Shannon and I am the owner and founder of Antique Market Décor.  I am married to a wonderful man and have been blessed with three beautiful children , one grandchild and my dog Bernice. I have always had a passion for decorating, creating, painting, pick'in, junk'in and of course shopping for great deals.  On my 40th Birthday I had a feeling come over me that I wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream. With a little push of encouragement from my family, I started Antique Market Décor! I want to share why I chose my business name and what it means to me.

 "Antique" I love finding , searching, refinishing and decorating with antiques.

"Market" I love shopping and finding great deals .

"Décor"  I love to decorate and create interior and exterior spaces.

Antique Market Decor

Handpicked Decor

All of our products are specially handpicked, which means there is not always more than one available.  The handpicked décor will be either vintage inspired décor or a true antique.  This will be noted in the description of the item.  Antique Market Decor offers multiple sales events up to 50% off retail.  Every space always needs that one special treasure, which inspired me to start searching beyond your average décor store.  It was always a challenge for me to find that special piece that completes the room and for a great price.  Look no more, enjoy exploring all of these one of a kind items and finding your special treasure at Antique Market Décor.  Each piece is specially handpicked by me for you.  

Shannon's Corner Blog

My Blog will be about everything that inspires me! I hope you enjoy my blog and all the things I share with you!  To stay up to date with my daily finds, follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Tik Tok.

A few things you will see in my blog:  *Decorating Ideas  *DIYs *Shopping & Sharing Great Deals  *Pick'in & Junk'in  *Restoring Furniture  *Chalk Painting & Upholstery  *My Home  *Essential Oils  *My Favorite Things  *Cleaning Tips *Favorite Recipes  *Bernice - My Dog  *My Family *Mom Life

My Favorite Shops

People ask me regularly for different shopping links.  I made a list of all of my favorite stores I shop at. I also share fun weekly videos of what is new in these stores on my Instagram stories. I could not do what I do without all of you. I appreciate and thank you all for following along with me.

Here are a few facts about shopping links:

By purchasing through my links, I make a very small commission. 

Once you click the shop button you will be redirected to that stores home page/website. If you make a purchase I will get credit for it. I do not get credit for just clicking the shop button. A purchase has to be made.

If you would rather pick up your item in the store, I will still make a commission if you purchase it through my link and choose 

the “pick up option" at the store. 

Hand Decorated

I love to decorate and create so in my gallery under hand decorated, you will see a few of my hand decorated vignettes.  For more information on how to get your home hand decorated  by me, email me at handpicked@antiquemarketdecor.com

Handpainted Furniture

Do you have an antique piece of furniture or just a piece that needs an overhaul?  Never get rid of your furniture, email me and I can make it go from original to unique.  See my gallery for before and afters. For more information on how to get your furniture handpainted by me, email me at handpicked@antiquemarketdecor.com